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Investment Administrator for a leading financial services group

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Duties to be undertaken:

The Investment Administrator will be investigating and advising on all aspects relating to the investments of pension scheme monies, including legislative review, performance review and suitability for the trustees. The duties of the Investment Administrator will include but are not limited to: responsibility for the upkeep of the assets under management report and ensuring that regulatory deadlines are reached in a timely manner; monitoring of investment and meeting representatives of different investment houses or funds; compilation of data on the investments, the trustees usually deal with; assisting in filling application forms/IFA, reviewing of the dealing instructions when there are doubts that these are not in line with the company’s statement of investment principles and review of valuations; supporting the finance department, assisting and explaining the investment type; assisting the compliance officer in handling complaints, risk assessment and other queries while also maintaining adequate investment policies and principles.

Skills required:

Previous experience in a similar role is considered an asset.

Qualifications required:

Post Secondary Diploma




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