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We are a job posting website, not a recruitment agency!

Everyday, employers and job seekers have to jump through hoops in order to find the right match. The recruitment process can be long-winded, expensive and frustrating. That's why we aim to make it simple by bringing employers and job seekers together quickly and easily.

The benefits of searching for jobs on Red Kite Jobs...
  • Direct contact with employers / recruiters in Europe
  • No long-winded online account profiles to complete - just a quick form to send messages
  • It's free to search for jobs

It's easy and simple. Just click to see our job listings and start applying.

Then simply attach your documents, (i.e. cover letter and CV), to the message generated by our system. This will be emailed directly to the employer / recruiter.

We will send you a confirmation email with the employer / recruiter's contact details. You can then stay in touch with them directly to keep track of your job application.

We wish you luck in your job search!

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